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So I have been seeing a lot of people asking about the Frends Crew due to their recent popularity on here and with the help of suferz I have decided to make Frend-ucation post.

Keir Dillon

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Raised skiing the vertical runs of Camel Back Mountain, Pennsylvania with his siblings, Keir first pursued snowboarding as a means to challenge himself. For several years, Keir dusted the competition at professional invitational Halfpipe and Quarterpipe events around the globe with a fluid style and hardcore competitive drive, and earned vast amounts of media coverage and notoriety for his accomplishments.

Today, Keir holds the respect of both his snowboarding peers and industry leaders thanks to his superior level of professionalism and magnetic personality and has parlayed his pro ranking into a career as an action sports television host and correspondent. Combining an entrepreneurial drive, quick-witted humor, and a familiarity with the gamut of board sports, Keir has established himself as a natural and sought-after talent in front of the camera. Comfortable hosting major action sports television events from the US Open of Surfing to X Games, Keir’s charisma and credible perspective enable him to find common ground with WCT surf powerhouses, pro snowboarders, and iconic skateboarders alike. Keir continually asks the questions the core audience at home wants to know while still educating the newest action sports viewer with relevancy, welcoming verbiage, and comprehensive coverage.

When Keir is not on the road snowboarding or hosting television programs for various networks he’s hanging with his family and friends, surfing, playing chess, or winning money at poker.
More information can be found at: http://keirdillon.com/index.php

Damien aka Classy Bitch aka Mason Baby Face Aguirre

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Aguirre spent his childhood growing up in Duluth where he followed his older brother, Tyler Aguirre, onto the slopes when Mason was six. He turned pro at fifteen and his parents moved their family to Mammoth Lakes, California to pursue his snowboarding career. In 2006, Aguirre became the youngest snowboarder on the U.S. Olympic Snowboarding Team by beating out Ross Powers, 2002 Halfpipe gold medalist and J.J. Thomas, 2002 Halfpipe bronze medalist. Aguirre’s first trip to the Olympics was successful, placing 4th overall in the Halfpipe event. Aguirre placed first overall at the 2006 World Superpipe Championships and again at the 2006 Burton New Zealand Open.

He is currently sponsored by Nike, Burton, Smith Optics, SoBe, DVS, Windells, Fender Guitars, Mammoth Mountain, Valsurf, The Collection, and R.E.D. Protection.

Known for his aggressive yet smooth riding style, Aguirre regularly pulls off 1080s, 900s and is known for his corkscrewed 540. Another thing that sets him apart from the field is his unusual stature. He stands out of the snowboarding crowd because most snowboarders are more compact making it easy for them to rotate and twist in mid air, while he is a lanky 5’11’’, weighing only 150lbs. However, he has shown no signs of this affecting his mid air maneuvers.

Mason is also known for being a "ham" as Danny Davis so eloquently calls him, and for singing the Bullfrog Song.

The Best of Mason:

Fun Fact: Mason Played Roo from Winnie the Pooh in 2nd grade.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He also tapped danced, clearly he is a man of many talents.
Mason's Twitter: http://twitter.com/MASEintheplace

Scotty Lago

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For some reason there is a very limited amount of background information on Scotty, we need to edit his wiki or something.

New Hampshire rider Lago is down to earth but gnarly on a snowboard, having won major contests in a variety of disciplines, including big air, slopestyle and halfpipe. He was recently named to the 2010 Olympic Halfpipe team after finishing second overall on the Grand Prix tour. He owns medals in a pair of WX disciplines: bronze from '06 SuperPipe and silver in Slopestyle 2009. Respected by peers for his unusual, tweaked spins.

Scotty Lago is also known around here for his beautiful bambi like lashes. Example:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Get to know Scotty a little better:

Scotty also likes to rep the racing stripes, which we made happen again on Wednesday's UStream.

Scotty's Twitter: http://twitter.com/scottylago

Kevin Pearce

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Pearce won the The Arctic Challenge in 2007 and completed back-to-back titles with victory in 2008. He was also the first man to earn two Air & Style rings in one season, winning the Nokia Air & Style in Munich in 2007 and the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck in08.In the 2007–08 season he won the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, garnering the TTR World Tour Champion title. He won three medals at the 2008 Winter X Games XII in Aspen, Colorado. He was also the first athlete in X Games history to compete in three medal events in one day.

On December 31, 2009, Pearce was critically injured during a halfpipe training run in Park City, Utah, suffering a serious traumatic brain injury, which led to a buildup of fluid in the brain. He suffered the injury after striking his head on the edge of the pipe. He was flown to the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City where he was admitted in critical condition. By January 6, 2010, Pearce had been upgraded from critical to serious condition; the breathing tube had been taken out, and he was able to respond to simple commands. His doctors were said to be "cautiously optimistic" regarding his chances for recovery. On January 26, 2010, Kevin Pearce was transferred out of critical care at University of Utah hospital. An update provided by the Pearce family said Pearce is making steady progress and "his sense of humor and optimism are apparent as he begins his rehabilitation." In early February, Pearce was moved from the University of Utah Medical Center to Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado, a rehabilitation center that specializes in treating traumatic brain injuries.

KP was released from the inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program at Craig Hospital on April 14, 2010. Kevin will continue daily outpatient therapy with Craig Hospital while residing in the Denver-area home that has been generously loaned to the Pearce family for the last several months. Kevin’s outpatient treatment is expected to be the final step in Colorado before returning to his Norwich, VT home in the upcoming weeks, where he will continue to make strides toward a full recovery.

Become a Fan of Well Wishes for Kevin Pearce on Facebook and get updates about his recovery:


Kevin's Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kevin_Pearce
Danny Davis

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Davis was voted 2006 Rookie of the Year in the Transworld Snowboarding Riders Poll Awards, 2006 Rookie of the Year for Snowboarder Magazine and 2008 Snowboarder Magazine Top 10 Riders of the Year.
In January 2010, Davis won a snowboard Grand Prix event which nearly assured him a spot on the US Olympic Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. However, he suffered a back injury in an ATV accident, ending his 2010 season and Olympic aspirations.

Please Enjoy:

Jack Mitrani

So neither Jack nor Luke has their own wiki page which is pretty lame. But i was able to find this on go211.com, which has the best commentators ever, written by Jack himself.

the names jack ryan mitrani. im 18 and i live in mammoth lakes california with my brother luke. i am homeschuled and have a brillient edukation. my hobbies are poker, skating, ping pong, fusball, eating, and snowboarding.

I was also able to find this:

Living in Mammoth Lakes via Long Island and shredding with the Frends crew, Jack Mitrani has finally come into his own. Oddly enough Jack started making noise on the snowboard scene well after his lil' brother Luke. Whether recent standout performances in Superpipe were spurned by brotherly competition or whether Jack simply peaked later isn't clear. But for one reason or another, his quarterpipe airs are now near stratospheric and his Superpipe one hitters massive. And with a wealth of knowledge gathered at the esteemed Waterville Academy, Mitrani has the tools to take any competitive victory home.

Jack is the mastermind behind the entire Frendsvision clips, which you really must watch.


Jack's Twitter: http://twitter.com/jackmitrani
Luke Mitrani

Luke used to have really awesome hair:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Which he recently cut:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After becoming the youngest member to join the US Snowboard Team at just 12 years old, Luke Mitrani has continued to progress and impress the snowboarding world and his fans. He grew up in Stratton, Vermont where he was quickly picked up in to the Burton family. Luke traded the east coast mountains for Mammoth Lakes, CA and continues to slay that mountain one day at a time.

Luke doing his thing:

Luke's Twitter: http://twitter.com/jackmitrani

If you live in the US this is also a really good introduction to the Frends Crew:


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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